Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you have a complaint about a removal or storage company:

If you have a complaint about a removal or storage company, that is a member of the scheme, your first step is to complain directly to the company, setting out your complaint in writing.

The company will deal with it in line with their normal complaints procedures. You should ensure that you keep all relevant contracts and letters.

If the outcome then proves unsatisfactory, you can refer the matter to the Removals Industry Ombudsman. Click here to see how to make a complaint to the Ombudsman.

What kind of complaints can the Ombudsman consider?

The Ombudsman can consider complaints such as:

  • Breaches of contract. e.g. a failure to provide a service to the standard contracted or excessive charges over and above what was agreed.
    • Allegations of unprofessional or inefficient conduct
    • Breaches of the Code of Practice of the National Guild of Removers & Storers
    • Substantial delays in dealing with your complaint

The Ombudsman cannot deal with:

  • Any complaint against a non-member of the Scheme
  • Insurance matters
  • Complaints which are, or have been, dealt with by the Court or another body
  • A complaint sent to the Ombudsman more than 12 months after your complaint went through the internal complaints procedure of the company
  • Vexatious complaints
  • Allegations of criminal behaviour

What can the Ombudsman do?

The role of the ombudsman includes settling disputes by agreement between the parties, making an award of compensation, or deciding that circumstances do not warrant any further action.

How do I make a complaint to the Ombudsman?

Contact the Office of the Removal Industry Ombudsman Scheme and ask for a Complaint Form, or, print off the form on this web-site (click here), and email it to the address below. Once received the complaint will be considered as quickly as possible. Evidence must be submitted in writing; there is no hearing. There is no cost to the complainant.

What will happen then?

The Ombudsman, after acknowledging receipt of your complaint, will consider your case carefully, in a fair and even-handed manner. Further investigations may be made. It may be possible to settle the dispute by agreement at this stage, but if not the Ombudsman will send all parties the Determination.

The Ombudsman’s decision.

The National Guild of Removers & Storers member has agreed to be bound by the Ombudsman’s decision, but the consumer is not. The claimant may accept it or reject it. If the consumer rejects the decision they still have the right to take legal action and the remover will no longer be bound by the determination.

The Ombudsman will not transmit or publish any confidential information except where required to do so by the court.

Who is the Ombudsman?

Tony Kaye was appointed as Ombudsman in June 2015. He is independent of any removal company or organisation. He has recently retired as a magistrate and is an accredited Mediator. He holds a post graduate degree in business administration from Cranfield and is a full member of both the Institute of Arbitrators and the British Computer Society.

How do I know if my remover is a member of the scheme?

Your original quotation from the removal company should indicate their membership. The link to members on this site may be of help. If in doubt, contact the Office of the Ombudsman, below:

Email is the preferred method of communication if possible. the Ombudsman email address is

See links below to download the guidance document for ‘Submitting a case to the Ombudsman’. Email is the preferred method of communication.

There are two versions of the form available. One for those of you who access Microsoft word documents and the other for those of you who have Adobe Acrobat reader. If you have neither you can download the free acrobat reader software at Adobe acrobat reader apps are also available for iOS and Android.

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